Caruso Team Gets it sold quickly for out of state seller

Through working with Michael Caruso and his exceptional team over the years, I have bought and sold a number or residential properties in Orange County. Michael’s long experience in real estate gives him a distinct edge in negotiations having represented me as a both a buyer and a seller. When it has appeared that deals were beginning to unwind on the opposite side of the table, Michael knows how to keep the negotiations going with a positive outcome for me. I’ve seen Michael go to areas of negotiation that I certainly never thought of…and that comes with deep real estate experience. Having moved to Prescott, AZ a few years ago, I once again relied on Michael to handle the last two Laguna Niguel sales for me. Michael and his team quickly prepared the properties for sale and coordinated the repairs to get the properties into top condition. I did not have to manage any of the repairs from out of state. The sales were both finalized in a short time with higher prices than I expected. I hope my review gives you the confidence to hire Michael and his team – as a buyer or as a seller. For me, considering any other realtor to work with is out of the question.