The birthplace of Orange County, San Juan Capistrano is the counties oldest city. Established around the Mission of San Juan Capistrano, the city has sustained an enlightening cultural focus for decades. In its development, the majority of the homes and town centers resemble the Spanish architecture of the building of the Mission.

Nestled close to the sea, San Juan provides the perfect buffer from the hustle and bustle. Expansive open spaces and rolling hills, this is the perfect place for the Equestrian lifestyle. From dramatic multi million-dollar estates in private gated communities, to fully functioning horse ranches in the foothills, to small homes and condos, this quaint city has it all. Located south of Laguna Niguel, north of San Clemente and east of Dana Point, San Juan’s location is exceptional.

Famously know for the Swallows Day Parade, the Los Rios District lies directly across the railroad tracks from the train depot station and is the oldest neighborhood in California.  Built prior to 1900, three of the forty homes remaining here are Adobes structures. Many of the homes are private residences, but some have converted to boutiques, businesses and restaurants that are open to the public. The attractive town center has interesting galleries, antique stores, shops and restaurants, as well as, award winning schools. San Juan Capistrano is a historic cultural center full of art, music and great traditions. Residents take pride in the rich history of previous generations of Native American Indians, Spanish, Rancheros and European Settlers that walked upon the land more than 200 years ago.

For the modern day, citizens enjoy endless community activities, like the farmer’s market, a matinée at the local movie theatre, a walk down Los Rios, or a round of golf at a few prominent courses. Rich in history, with a persistent culture, and tranquil lifestyle, San Juan is truly a celebrated destination.